We don’t, but finding a seat is (almost) never an issue. We also have some communal tables where you can have a chat and maybe meet someone new!

Yes! We are open every day until 9pm, serving a selection of natural and organic wines as well.

No; we have a dining room with comfortable seating, but stop by our counter first to order and pay for your meal.

Yes! We offer pick-up and delivery catering. We offer different catering packages, from private parties to large corporate events. 

You can order 48 hours in advance through our website. Click here for more information.


We offer the option of do it yourself bowl. Pick a base, topping, three garnishes, and a dressing. We recommend trying our prescription bowls, which are our well-balanced favorites.

Up to you! We can pack your meal individually, in compostable or reusable bowls. On-site, we serve in ceramic Japanese craft bowls.

YES! We use 100% of organic products and got certified by Certisys. We work with Bio Fresh, which provides us with amazing, fresh product every day!

Le Botaniste is 100% plant-based, organic and gluten-free friendly. We don’t use any gluten products but some ingredients may have been processed in facilities that use gluten. You can see allergen information in the descriptions of all our dishes. If you have additional questions about ingredients, please email info@lebotaniste.eu

No, we use a lot of nuts and soy in our kitchen. Please contact us about your allergies at info@lebotaniste.eu

Our team is trained on allergies and will happily help you on-site.

Loyalty Program

Yes — the easiest way to join is to sign up at checkout by providing your phone number. You will start collecting points immediately, and every time you give your phone number to our team at checkout.  You can also join here: https://lebotaniste.getreup.com/  

Once you are enrolled in the program with your phone number, you will receive a text message to finalize your inscription online. 

Add your email address for more rewards and your birthday for a special treat! 

As a member of Le Botaniste Rewards, you will earn 1 point for every euro you spend.

You can gain the VIP status through spending: when you hit 300 points, each euro spent give you not one but 2 points! 

Once you have accurate 80 points at least, you can trade it for a reward in our restaurants.

Once you have accurate enough points (80), you will be able to trade them for free items! 

60 points give you a free dessert of choice. 

110 points = a free glass of natural wine.

200 points = a free prescription bowl.

And 300 points = a free full therapy (3 small bowl of choice). 

The redemption option will automatically pop up when you pay for your meal. And you can decide to use it or not! 

That’s not all! 

You will also receive special rewards:
When you join our newsletter you will receive a email with a voucher for a free drink
And when you enter your birthday you will receive a voucher for a free prescription bowl! 

Seasonal offers: time to times we send email with special vouchers in them! Stay tuned and be the first to redeem them. 

Please make sure to finalize your inscription by entering your email address, otherwise we will not be able to send you your specials rewards! 

Don’t worry, we don’t like to receive too many email neither! We will send you seasonal updates, not more than twice a month! 

And if you would like to unsubscribe, it will be very easier! 

We are sorry to see you leave. But no hard feeling here! 

Please send us an email at info@lebotaniste.eu and we will make sure to erase your membership from our data base. 


We are cashless! We accept all major credit cards and mobile payment methods. It makes check out faster, safer and helps us serve you better.

Email us the details about your transaction at info@lebotaniste.eu

Yes, visit our restaurants for a classic gift card. 

Can’t find the answer to your question? Email us at info@lebotaniste.eu, we are always happy to help!


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